How to set strategy alerts to maximize your returns


Here’s a screener/strategy alert tip to help you maximize your strategy’s returns.

On the prebuilt strategies on Trendlyne, you will see a recommendation for an alert frequency. The frequency at which you set alerts can help you maximize your returns.

  1. DVM Strategies like DVM Top Performers work best with a monthly alert, since this is a longer term strategy based on DVM scores. Changing stocks more often than that can impact returns.
  2. Technical and momentum strategies like this Momentum strategy work well with a weekly or daily alert.
  3. Mixed strategies that combine technical/momentum with value indicators like Technically strong value stocks work well with both monthly/weekly alerts.
  4. Value strategies like the Benjamin Graham value screener work well with monthly alerts.

You can view backtest results on any strategy – backtests can be run on various frequencies.

12 thoughts on “How to set strategy alerts to maximize your returns

  1. Hi Akash – the strategies help you identify potential stocks to buy/sell. If you set an alert on a strategy, it will notify you via email when the stock enters and when it exits.

    If you like the strategy’s approach and backtest results, you can decide to invest in it.


    1. Can it be more personalized like showing on webpage? nowadays there are lots of Spam email floods our mail box. Better would be to send on WhatsApp (to registed number) or webpage.


      1. I want a back testing mechanism whereby in 1 screener I define the following:
        1. Entry strategy rules
        2. Exit strategy rules


  2. Hi Giri,
    It’s a valid concern. We are setting up channels for SMS and Whatsapp (it will take a couple of months). But inevitably all these channels get saturated as well with spam content.

    In the short term you can move your screener alerts emails to the Primary folder via drag and drop so that it doesn’t get crowded in with the other promotions emails.

    You also only get one email for all the screeners with the same frequency. So if you have a weekly screener alert set you get one weekly alert mail with all your screener entries and exits.


  3. Wouldnt it be possible to show the date when the stock was added in the stock filter screen itself? that will help a person to identify newly added stocks when they try some screener.


  4. I have created a screener. Now I want to use it practically for my future investing. I have set the alerts. So now I’ll get the notification which stocks to buy. The problem is that there is no mention of quantity. How much should I allocate for each stock and how to change it when I add or exit a stock?


  5. Plan to invest for period of 2-3 yrs by developing portfolio of 20 stocks & track them on weekly/monthly schedules.
    The objective is stock selection in large / mid caps & right time to buy. Also quantity each stock to proportionately based on X amount


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