Delivery screeners on Trendlyne

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The newest addition on Trendlyne’s platform are the delivery screeners. With delivery parameters, you can identify stocks that are seeing rising or declining delivery % compared to week, previous day, month averages, and also query for highest delivery at EOD, etc.

You can make your own custom delivery screeners using the Create Screener tool, using the following parameters.

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Delivery parameters

For example, this pre-built delivery screener was built using the following query:

 “Delivery Percentage Avg Week > 1.2 * Delivery Percentage Avg Month AND Week Volume Avg > 50000″ 

The Create Screener tool allows you to combine any of the 700+ parameters on the website with parameters such as delivery. This gives you flexibility to write all kinds of queries and then set alerts on these screeners, so that stock entries and exits directly reach your email.

4 thoughts on “Delivery screeners on Trendlyne

  1. I want a screener for
    25 days sma crossover price from below for nifty 200 shares. I can give team viewer password. I am a senior citizen..


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