Track and query company results in real-time with this Live Results Screener


As a  screener this is slightly different from the rest of the screeners you’d find in the premium expert screeners section on Trendlyne. The Live Results Screener instead of using a query to filter a stock’s technical and fundamental parameters, acts as an always-live feed of companies who have declared their results in the past one week.


The screener updates on a real time basis to keep the stock picks fresh – it chooses stock which have declared their results within the last one week (using the parameter “ResultDeclaredDate > TodayMinus1Week”). The query for this results screener combines the result window with a filter for stocks with 20%+  growth in their operating profit margin. The screener does not restrict itself on a particular stock group or market cap and works like a live update feed.


This gives subscribers an edge – investors who are looking into a stock with good results may find their hidden gem using this screener, as the results are being released.


Some screeners like this contain parameters like ResultDeclaredDate that cannot be backtested – but the true power of the screener lies in its real-time updates on the stock market.  

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