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35 thoughts on “Have a question? Ask it here!

  1. Can these screeners be run during the live market hours ? If yes, then how much is the time lag?
    I want to create the intraday and BTST screeners here and backtest them at 15 mins interval.
    Is it possible in trendlyne to backtest the screener at a particular time of live market hours ?


    1. Hi,
      Yes you can – the lag in such screeners from BSE is 5 mins, NSE is 15. Intraday price/volume screeners you create will update with these times. Specific technicals (MACD etc) are updated EOD currently.
      Backtesting is currently historical. Intraday backtesting is not yet a live feature. That should be available in a few months. If you are signed up as a user, you will get an email from us when it is available.


  2. Hi,

    I see that the momentum Score or high DVM screener are for premium users. But can we get a months free trial so that we know what it’s like and if it works.
    Setting alert for a portfolio is also a very useful and important feature which trend followers generally use to reduce drawdowns and hold on with the stocks which are gaining.
    If we try these features for a month we can confidently purchase one year plan.


    1. Hi Venkitesan, We did do this initially, but the system is not configured for free trials and it is resource-heavy for the tech team to enable it for individual users. We do however have a moneyback for Basic and GuruQ, which allows you to cancel if you don’t like the offerings. In which case we also upgrade you to the StratQ plan if you find the features useful.

      Alerts are already available for portfolios in the form of stock-level alerts (price changes etc). More portfolio alerts are being rolled out soon.


  3. Hi Ganesh – Custom parameters are coming soon for subscribers. In the meantime you can multiply, add, divide any existing parameter with any other on the screener creation tool.
    Our fundamental pages have also been updated with new data and ratios, do check them out.


      1. The edit portfolio section is to delete/change portfolios. Deleting a specific stock can be done inside your portfolio itself – once you click on the expand button next to the stock name, you will see a trash icon which allows you to delete either specific transactions or the entire stock.


  4. I saw that there is an Export to table option in the subcription.
    I can see that screener data can be exported.
    But I cannot see any option to export the annual results data t table.
    Is there an option for that?


  5. The returns generated based on backtesting seems to be incorrect. Because when I take the average returns for a particular year at a time & multiply (1+returns) for consecutive years, the values I get are different. Can you please explain as to how you are calculating the results?


  6. HI Trendlyn,
    In the DVM screener, the backtest results is saying that it has retrieved 1200 return for 5 years. Suppose in 2013 March 1, the screener show 5 active stocks, my investment is 1 lakh, we need to allocate 20% for each stock. But on 2013 June1, the screener show 4 stocks, 2 stocks added and one stock removed. Now how the allocation will be


  7. in your subscriptions plans theres a mention of “Number of Backtests” that one can do? for BASIC its 60, does that mean we can only run 60 tests in a year?


    1. Hi Niranjan, the Basic subscriptions come with 60 backtests. Please note we don’t count backtests at a per stock level but at the strategy/watchlist/portfolio level – whether that means 20 stocks or 200 stocks. So you can backtest even 100 stocks at once in your watchlist. We consequently don’t really see users run out of them.

      In the rare case users have run out we have given additional backtests for free – and we top up backtests for subscribers periodically.


  8. For shareholding screener… I am interested in stocks wherein Individial holding (less than 2L of paid up capital) has been decreasing consistently qtr to qtr basis for alst 4-5 qtrs. These are the stocks big sharks are accumulating (i.e. Excel Industries). How to create this one?


  9. Dear sir/Ms,
    I am impressed with your screeners and backtesting the strategies. But I want to know the parameters you take in DVM before using screeners.



  10. Can you please elaborate how technical screeners works and are they available in realtime with hourly updates ? And are these available in basic subscription. I do not find any descriptive videos on technical screeners on your website ?


  11. i am basic user, just wanted to know i was trying to access the – best-bargains-screener-above-line-growth-below-line-valuations screener but your website is saying that “This screener is not accessible. Try our other Expert Screeners”?

    Do you know why?


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