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93 thoughts on “Have a question? Ask it here!

    1. You should read the question properly, I have clearly stated that “Revenue 1Qtr Ago” like params are not working. The example you are given that having ‘net profit’ and ‘Operating Revenue 1Qtr’.

      Revenue and ‘Operating Revenue’ both are different. Please fix the bug and support “Revenue 1Qtr Ago” like params.


  1. Hi
    How to write the screener for
    volavg20 > 350000
    last > p Low
    P1 close < P2 Close
    P2 Close < P3 Close
    P3 close < P4 close

    Need support in converting this particular screen in trendlyne.
    It like we need N, N-1, N-2 ,N-3 data. Can we do this in trendlyne.


  2. Subscription Extension

    Hi there,

    I have subscribed to a monthly plan. However, I exhausted the monthly backtesting quota. I wish to perform few more backtest. However, I cannot find an option to extend my subscription by paying additional fee.

    Can someone help how to achieve this.


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