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145 thoughts on “Have a question? Ask it here!

    1. You should read the question properly, I have clearly stated that “Revenue 1Qtr Ago” like params are not working. The example you are given that having ‘net profit’ and ‘Operating Revenue 1Qtr’.

      Revenue and ‘Operating Revenue’ both are different. Please fix the bug and support “Revenue 1Qtr Ago” like params.


  1. Hi
    How to write the screener for
    volavg20 > 350000
    last > p Low
    P1 close < P2 Close
    P2 Close < P3 Close
    P3 close < P4 close

    Need support in converting this particular screen in trendlyne.
    It like we need N, N-1, N-2 ,N-3 data. Can we do this in trendlyne.


  2. Subscription Extension

    Hi there,

    I have subscribed to a monthly plan. However, I exhausted the monthly backtesting quota. I wish to perform few more backtest. However, I cannot find an option to extend my subscription by paying additional fee.

    Can someone help how to achieve this.


  3. Hi Team,

    I have checked this trendy line however do not see proper procedure about how to cancel monthly subscription,
    Can u please provide details steps


  4. I m not able to use trendline properly. I will be happy if someone from your side explain me the proper method of using it. my contact no is 9090100133/9439982254


  5. I have created a screener. Now I want to use it practically for my future investing. I have set the alerts. So now I’ll get the notification which stocks to buy. The problem is that there is no mention of quantity. How much should I allocate for each stock and how to change it when I add or exit a stock?


  6. I am a premium customer with an annual subscription purchased last week. I still do not have access to the premium features.


  7. Hi team,
    I just subscribed to your premium account couple of days back.. i observed some discrepancies in the Mobile app data and Desktop website data..
    In the App for the Screener “DVM – High Returns, Highly Durable Companies” the app is showing Entries and Exit list for the April month Entry = 4, Exit = 4 and for the Jan month Entry = 5, Exit = 5
    But in the desktop website the same screener for April month Entry = 0, Exit = 0 and for Jan month Entry = 0 Exit = 2
    All the above data is observed in Screener Alerts.


  8. The parameter Week Change % doesnt seem to be working. Whatever value I set, the same stocks get listed. Or am I doing anything wrong?


    1. Hi Anand,

      Tried Week Change % > 0 and Week Change % < 0 separately and different stocks get listed, it seems to be working. If there are more than 200 stocks in the result it may be showing you the same first 200 stocks. Also pls check that you are not using Nifty 500 Week Change % or Nifty 50 Week Change %.


  9. I have created new screener I wanted to change the query. I do not find the option. Neither i find option to delete the screener


  10. After setting a monthly alert on a particular DVM strategy, will I be alerted after one month from setting the alert or does the strategy already have a standardized date every month for sending alerts to user?


  11. Hi Team,

    May I know what parameters needs to passed on if I would like to know if the price of stock is +/- .25 percent of any pivot or EMA or SMA. example if equity’s pivot is at 10 … then when the equity is trading at .25% above or below the screener should bring that stock as output in my screener.


  12. Can anyone guide me to as to how can i obtain –

    1) the individual ‘Closing Price” of 2 days , 3 days , 4 days ago
    2) similarly for volume & delivery data of 2 days, 3 days , 4 days ago


  13. In pre-built screener option for BSE 500 STOCKS are available but NSE 500 Stocks options are not there. Any option is there


  14. I have a question if i subscribe your guru plan can i set following screener on it
    I want 9 ema crossing above 18 ema and price is above 9 ema
    and 9 ema and 18 ema both are above 36 ema at the same time
    Most important i want this screener at 1 HOUR Time frame
    can i set such screener ?

    2nd question when these conditions are fulfilled shall i receive live market alert
    1- on my email address ?
    2- Or on my mobile no ?
    or both

    Please clarify


  15. I have emailed Trendlyne directly and you are not responding, I urge the Trendlyne Team to respond to my emails or else I will be forced to cancel my yearly subscription. I want to know that when a screener is set and it runs backtests what is the weightage given to each stock? When we are following the screener buy and sell signals do we assign the same weightage to each stock? When the returns of the backtest are calculated what is the weightage it gives to each stock? Please reply ASAP.


  16. HI .
    What are the ranges for : Durability , Valuation & Momentum Scores ?

    For Valuation , higher the score , is better ?

    What is the frequency of change for Durability , valuation & Momentum Scores


    1. Team trendlyne



      1. How to see XL sheet with metrics in mobile phone It was there initially but nowadays not able to Please reply

        Sudhakar Reddy



  17. Hi

    Is it possible to get the ” Ticker Symbol ” along with the name of the share in dowloaded excel file ?



  18. Some of the indicators are available on chart but not available in screener. For example, Supertrend can be added in the chart but if you want to screen stocks based on whether the price is above/below the Supertrend (sell or buy indicator), you do not have this option.

    Is there a work around to screen stocks for Supertrend values?


  19. Few BS parameters are not available for 5 years. (Total Assets for 5 years available but not sure why Total liabilities for 5 years not available)

    For example : Total Current Liabilities Annual Cr is available only for the current year and 1 year before that. Same goes for Current Assets as well. Ref attached screenshot.

    Can your please make below parameters available for 5 years.

    1. Total Capital Plus Liabilities Annual Cr (required for 1 year ago, 2 year ago …till 5 year ago)
    2. Total Current Liabilities Annual Cr (required for 1 year ago, 2 year ago …till 5 year ago)


  20. Can I have a voice connecting with me on the phone who can explain all the features and how well I can be using them when I subscribe?


  21. Would like to buy data API from trendlyne for our technical analysis software
    can someone contact me. I have been trying from contact us page still no calls.

    Salil – Spider Software


  22. I have upgraded my subscription from basic to GuruQ using the promo code and the payment is successful
    But still, my plan has not changed and I am not able to view the forecaster premium features.


  23. Hello,
    I am trying to use the Portfolio Pivot report. It has an option to see the report by Portfolio and then Group/Sub group. Where should I enter the Gruop/Sub group? Currently it lists everything under “Uncategorized”

    Thanks in advance


  24. Hi.. Could you please explain the parameter ‘Daily volume multiple of week primary exchange’

    Is there a repository/documentation about the definitions and calculations os parameters?


  25. If I have 5 different conditions in a query & want to comment (disable) a specific condition temporarily what is the syntax to comment a query condition / line in Trendlyne.


  26. Hi, I wanted to clarify if the backtests are affected by survivorship bias. To clarify, if a stock was part of the nifty 500 in a past date, and would have met my buy criteria, would it be shown in the backtest even if it isn’t part of the nifty 500(or even listed) anymore?


  27. Hello,
    I am a GuruQ subscriber and unable to edit columns in watchlists. Is there an option for me to edit/choose columns i am intrested in the default view of my watchlists?



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